Top 5 Best Places to Go on Black Friday for Deals on Kitchen Stuff

Top 5 Best Places to Go on Black Friday for Deals on Kitchen Stuff

Here's my list of the Top 5 Best Places to Go on Black Friday for Deals on Kitchen Stuff. I went through the fliers and pulled out all of cookware. The items each retailer is putting on special are listed and links to the specific pages of each of the fliers are there for easy access to the cookware sections.

My favorite deals are on the Ninja, Keurig and Food Network's cast-iron Dutch oven. I got my Dutch oven last year at Kohls and I LOVE it. I also love the price I paid for it because those babies are expensive full price. So get it while the gettin's good!

1. Walmart
Cookware featured on pages 7-9
Includes great deals on: Toaster oven, Rubbermaid storage container set ($6.99), 24-piece Pyrex storage set, fryer, griddle, Ninja single-serve blender, & more.

2. Target
Cookware featured on pages 18-20
Includes great deals on: Cutlery set, non-stick pots & pans, microwave, Kitchen Aid mixer, Crock-Pot, SodaStream, 17-piece Pyrex baking set, Ninja Prep, & more.

Cookware featured on pages 2-3
Includes great deals on: Various pots & pans sets, cutlery, triple slow cooker, Corningware, spice rack, cookie dough press, juicer, & more.

4. Macy's
Cookware featured on pages 4-7
Includes great deals on: 12" skillet, Magic bullet, blender, Cuisine Art pots & pans set, food processor, Keurig, & more.

4. Kohls
Cookware featured on pages 16-18
Includes great deals on: Electric can opener, quesadilla maker, Keurig, Crock-Pot, Kitchen Aid mixers (red, black, white), Ninja kitchen system, Ninja prep, Food Network Cast-iron dutch ovens (lots of gorgeous colors! btw I got one on Black Friday last year and love it!!), variety of pots & pans sets, Pyrex bowl set, Pyrex storage set, Corning ware, Farberware cutlery, cookie sheets & more.