Miami Beach Mojito Recipe

Holy crap, I can't believe I actually used to LIVE just blocks away from where this photo was taken. Well, this is pretty much the view from any Ocean Drive cafe where you can sip on a Mojito—in January—and look across the street at palm trees and clear blue water. You may well also see a few overly tan, middle-aged ladies in a bikinis on roller blades, half-nkaed guys with tranquilized snakes around their neck and tourists on Segues.

I am still perfecting my mojito mixer, but this is as good as I've gotten so far. Let me know if you have a better recipe!

3-4 mint leaves (remove stems)
1 tspn cane sugar
3/4 whole fresh squeezed lime
2oz white rum
2oz club soda

1 stick sugar cane
1/4 lime
1 mint leaf

Grind mint leaves with cane sugar & lime juice until well mixed; stir in rum. Top off with club soda. Grnish with sugar kane stick, slice of lime (add if desired) and 1 mint leaf.

Chef: Angela