Swedish Lingonberry Crepes Recipe

Swedish Lingonberry Crepes

My sister, hubby and I came up with this recipe because I wanted to be able to make iHop's Swedish Crepes at home. My sister's French baking expertise and my hubby's insatiable thirst for beer made this recipe uniquely ours.

1 cup flour
2 cups milk
3 eggs
1 tsp salt
1/4 cup beer
cooking oil

1/4 cup whipped butter
1/4 cup lingonberry jam
Powdered sugar

Mix ingredients in a bowl let sit 10-15 min. Pour batter into center of generously oiled, pre-heated pan on medium heat. Spread thin with a crepe spreader by rotating in a circular motion. Cook 2 mins per side. Whip butter with lingonberry jam. Fold or roll the crepe, top with lingonberry butter and sprinkle with powdered sugar.