Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

In honor of National Strawberry Sundae Day, July 7, 2013, I thought a homemade strawberry ice cream recipe was in order. The ice cream was delicious but I actually had more fun turning this holiday into a little strawberry sundae picnic! I thrifted this cute set of plates for the occasion and set up a kid-friendly table in the grass (in case plates were dropped or thrown!) with an overturned crate. I set our table with an old baby blanket, picked some flowers from the garden and grabbed some fresh strawberries from the farmer's stand. Unfortunately, our strawberry plants have only produced one strawberry so far this year. I don't think they are getting enough sun but at least I was able to use some of the leaves and a flower for decoration!

Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe
Our strawberry sundae
picnic table set up!
2 cups whole milk
2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 cup sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp lemon juice
1 pint mashed fresh strawberries
2 drops red food coloring

1. Mix together milk, heavy whipping cream, sugar, salt, vanilla, lemon, strawberries and food coloring in a large bowl. Pour the mixture into your ice cream maker and prepare according to your maker's instructions.

Don't have an ice cream maker? Here's how to make ice cream without a machine.

To make a sundae, I used a plain waffle (frozen but you could make your own too), strawberry ice cream, strawberry syrup, whipped cream and fresh-picked strawberries.

Things you may need: