Crock-Pot Creamy Sausage Ravioli Recipe

Crock-Pot Creamy Sausage Ravioli Recipe

"The best recipe on Pinterest"? That's what captions all over the place were saying about this recipe so how could I not try this? I was really surprised at how truly easy this was to make and that you could cook the tortellini in the Crock-Pot and have it not totally disintegrate. They held up just fine actually and the ravioli absorbed all the delicious flavors from the sausage and sauce. So, all in all, for the ease of making this dish it's pretty fantastic. Maybe not the best recipe on the entirety of Pinterest but I'd say it's the best Crock-Pot recipe I've tried so far. And since the hubby and the kids liked it, I'm absolutely adding it into our dinner rotation.

2 (14.5oz) cans petite diced tomatoes
1 tub Knorr® condensed chicken stock
4 cups water
1 (8oz) package cream cheese, softened
1 lb Italian breakfast sausage
1 bag of frozen ravioli
1 cup fresh spinach

1. Put tomatoes, water and condensed chicken stock into the Crock-Pot and stir together.

2. Slice up cream cheese into small chucks and stir in with other ingredients in Crock-Pot.

3. Cut up sausage into bite-size chunks. Place in Crock-Pot.

4. Add frozen ravioli to Crock-Pot, fold in until thoroughly coated with sauce.

5. Cook on low for 4 hours.

6. Stir in spinach and cook for an additional 10 minutes then serve.

Serves: 4-6