Greek Veggie Pita Sandwich Recipe

Greek Veggie Pita Sandwich Recipe

I love eating out but I don't love the hurtin' it puts on my wallet. So, I always try to recreate my favorite restaurant dishes in order to make them at home. This is a recreation of a veggie pita sandwich, served at one of my favorite local lunch spots, that I could probably eat everyday! It's so good and it's actually healthy, too. Woot! It's really pretty simple to make. Best part? No cooking required. Perfect for summer lunchin'. Here's what you need and how to do it:

1 sandwich pita
Red onions
Romaine lettuce
Tomatoes, diced
Feta cheese
Sliced black olives
Greek dressing 

1. Thinly slice & dice red onions. Quarter and slice cucumbers. Chop romaine. Dice tomatoes.

2. Spread hummus on the insides of the pita slices.*

3. Top each pita slice with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, feta, black olives and greek dressing.

*I use a sandwich pita which is a pita in the shape of a bun so you have a top and bottom. So with one sandwich pita, I can make two open-faced sandwiches. If you prefer to use a more typical pocket pita, you can simple line the insides with hummus and stuff the ingredients in the pocket vs. making an open-faced sandwich. Either way — delicious. Servings: 1-2