How can I get my child to eat? ... Introducing the Toddler Food Chart

Toddler Food Chart

I created this food chart because my 4 year old is a very picky eater — but it turns out, she's just picky for me. I learned that, at preschool, she eats almost anything served. So I decided I needed to implement a rewards system to encourage the same results at home. I printed and laminated this and then posted it on the wall in the dining room. My kids get a star, using a dry erase marker, under each category if they eat each of these things from their plate. If they fill up an entire week of stars they get to do something special. Chuck E. Cheese makes a great incentive for my little ones, and if you're on a budget you can skip eating there and just go to play. Also, you can get Chuck E. Cheese coupons here!

Download the printable Toddler Food Chart [PDF].

The blank space at the top is for your child's name. I recommend laminating this and using it as a placemat or hanging it on the wall near the dinner table.

Good luck!

Things you may need to make this: