Vintage Cookbook, Vintage Recipes!

Aaron's Aunt Phyllis sent this up from Florida for us. What a treasure! This cookbook was copyrighted in 1936 and contains 300 "fine old recipes." I plan to make a few to share with you all. Let me know which of these interest you:

Hot Cross Buns
Boston Cream Pie
Rhubarb Pie
Chicken & Oyster Casserole (A New England delight apparently!)
Corn Fritters
Baked Asparagus Loaf
Creamed Celery on Toast
Creamed Vegetable Croquettes (For left over vegetables)
Red Flannel Hash (A Typical Green Mountain dish)
New England Dumplings (Serve w/ Roast Chicken)
Ox Tail Soup (not sure about this one but I've heard it is good)
New England Doughnuts

Source: 'Fine Old New England Recipes' compiled & edited by Kay Morrow